Animal Shelters/Rescues/Refuges Feeding Program

You can purchase quality food for any local shelter/rescue/refuge that you choose, and Team WUD will deliver it to them once we reach 10 bags donated for the particular shelter.  Or, you can purchase the product and pick up at our store to deliver yourself.

members of the wud team delivering food to Walton county animal shelter

members of the wud team delivering food to Walton county animal shelter


Walton County Animal Shelter

We support WCAS on a regular basis.  Our employees have committed to purchase 10 bags of food each month to help feed dogs at the local county shelter.  We deliver the food, and sometimes leave with a dog to enter into our Service Dog program.  You can support any shelter/rescue/refuge that you choose and get 30# of food delivered for only $25.  That is only $250 for 300# of food!  Help us keep the dogs in shelters/rescues fed a good quality dog food.  So often, the volunteers who foster these dogs due to overcrowding are put into a position to purchase food on their own.  We want to make sure these dogs get the same quality nutrition you would feed your dogs at home.

Load it up...

Challenge your place of business to match our 10-bags each month.  We will load the truck and get it where you want it to go. 

Quality Nutrition

We are supplying a super price on a Super Premium Dog Food.  Non-GMO, NO CORN, NO SOY, NO WHEAT food from Victor.  The Multi Pro Maintenance Formula is just what a dog needs without frills.  This formula works well to build the coat, and keep dogs healthy while living in a shelter.