Service Dogs


We offer fully trained Service Dogs and Service Dog Training


We can help you with a Service Dog for PTSD, TBi, Autism Support, Mobility Assist, and Diabetes Alert. Our team of trainers are passionate about helping you or your loved one have freedom to enjoy life alongside a furry companion.

Don't be fooled.  Not all dog trainers are qualified to be Service Dog trainers.  It takes a special working knowledge of dog selection because not every dog can be a Service Dog.  The trainer must fully understand ADA Laws, and how to teach a person to use their dog for benefit to be a Service Dog Trainer.

Carefully select your trainer based on experience and knowledge of what a Service Dog does, ADA law, public access, your condition, and how to best help you.  Many good trainers can train a dog in solid obedience, but they must also be able to train the handler to benefit from their dog.  This is what sets trainers apart.

Prices will vary from trainer to trainer, but the standard cost for a trained Service Dog ranges from $15 - $30k.  We can even guide some dedicated clients through Service Dog Training for less.  Beware of the trainer who says they can train you and your service dog for far less.

Our dogs are trained to meet or exceed ADA standards for Service Animals.  Not all dogs will have the qualities needed to become a Service Dog.  This includes well bred dogs and pound dogs alike.  We can assess your dog or puppy, or find you the perfect fit.

A Service Dog is not the same as a Therapy Dog or an Emotional Support Animal (ESA).  We offer training and certification for Therapy Dogs - they are a dog that has the task of giving support to someone besides the handler, like at a nursing home or a child's school.  An ESA can be a dog or any other type of animal.  It gives Emotional Support to the handler.  It has no rights of public access, other than what is granted by the business owner.  Some travel may be allowed with an ESA, depending on who you travel with.

Steve Kotowske is the Executive Director for Pawsitive Love Foundation, a non-profit that places Services Dogs to Veterans and Children with a range of disabilities. For more information on Pawsitive Love Foundation click their logo below.

Steve also served on the Advisory Board for Healing Paws for Warriors for 3 years.  HPFW is a non-profit that assists Veterans with acquiring a Service Dog.