Meet the Cody's...


This is a not so typical story of high school sweethearts that later became married, and had 2 beautiful children, a handsome little boy named Jedison, and a beautiful little girl named Veda.  William is a Flight Engineer in the United States Air Force who is currently on his third deployment.  His dedication to serve his country took him to England, where baby Jedison was born at Lakenheath Air Force Base.  Jesse is a stay at home mom who is dedicated to the daily chore of raising their children.  Her hard work was quite evident when I met both of the children for the first time at the training center.  They were enthusiastic, yet well behaved.  When they became bored with all of the grown up talk, they were delighted to munch on some Cheerios and 'write words' in the flip open notebooks I gave them.

It all sounds so perfect; a blissful family with a mom who gets to stay home with her children and occasionally travel the world with her husband.  I will tell you that Jesse works tirelessly and unselfishly to maintain the order I witnessed with the kids at home.  You see, Jedison was diagnosed with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder.  He is incredibly intelligent.  He loves science, math, and animals.  He is an Honor Roll student, and loves going to school.  Away from school he really enjoys Karate lessons.  He is an incredibly well behaved little boy.  I got to see how he struggles when we brought additional people into the room to talk with us.  He immediately shied away and found solace hugging his mother.  It was sensory overload.  We went back to just us and his new dog after a couple of minutes and he lit up with a smile and engaged with Sasha.  He gave up when she didn't respond to him right away, but Sasha never took her eyes off of him.  It was as if she knew what she was destined for.


Sasha is a Labrador Retriever.  She has been raised to be sure of herself in any environment.  She will be trained to shadow, to interrupt repetitive behaviors, to offer silent comfort, and to track Jedison should he ever wander away.  There will be other tasks Sasha will be trained to do, as well, but these are some of the main tasks.  She will also be very obedient and able to perform her job wherever the family goes.

A dog like Sasha can sell for $30k or more.  Our commitment is to provide this dog and all of its training for only $10k.  The process is long and arduous; it can take 8 months to solidify this type of training.  This is not just another pet dog, this is an acutal working dog.  There is travel involved from our facility in Santa Rosa Beach to their home in Gulf Breeze, plus the daily care while boarding with us for the next few months.  This is a lot for any family to take on, but we know there are many people who are willing to help Jedison and his family.  We will help you follow along with their developing story right here on our website.  You will be able to come back to see their progress.