K9 Nosework Training Class
10:00 AM10:00

K9 Nosework Training Class

Train with your dog starting at the Beginner Level.  Our fun packed Beginner class will teach you the Basics of Nose Work.  You and your dog can earn your Certificate of Odor Recognition Excellence.  If you and your dog have what it takes, you can move on to the Level 1 class that will prepare you for competitive Nose Work.

Classes are EVERY TUESDAY at 11am.  The Beginner Nose Work Class is 6-weeks.  The first class is approximately 2-hours long, with each subsequent class being 1 hour.  There is class time as well as practical time each week.

Your dog needs to be kenneled between working sessions.  Please bring only your dog that will be participating in the class, as there is not room for additional dogs.

All materials are supplied for this class.  Private instruction is available, as well.  Dogs can be dropped off for Nose Work for an additional $25.00 per session.

Class Rate: $250.00
Private Rate: $360.00


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